Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New updates on old news

I can't believe it's been six months since I wrote a blog post. Six whole months without me saying a single word online (Yes, I know, totally shocking!) Fact is, I've hardly been online at all in all that time.

Being offline for so long has led to some good and some not so good ramifications.

Firstly, I needed to step away from all the online negativity and get some distance and objectivity. I won't go into details as previous posts have highlighted them. But I definitely needed to step away for a while. Problem was, I made the decision just after publishing my third book. (Yes I know, don't say it). So, the not so good side effect was that my new book went without any online marketing.

But never mind that because the good stuff that came from staying offline for a while has now put me in a position to be back here writing a new blog post.

So what's the good stuff?

I'm now working full time. Have been for the last couple of months now, and I love my job. I've even settled in enough to be able to get back to my writing in the evenings without being too tired. I also have a car again and the freedom it gives me is simply wonderful. It's a beautiful gold Honda CR-V estate and it drives like a dream.

Starting my new job after being on benefits was a difficult time. Normally, there is a four week run-on to help people into work, which means that benefits and rent will be paid until you get paid. There should also be an in-work credit payment to help with travel and work clothing and food until you get paid etc. Well, two days after I started working, every benefit stopped dead. I was left with nothing whatsoever and expected to simply get to work (on a train) and survive without a little help. Not only that, but the tax office decided (in their wisdom), again within two days of my having a job, that I was not actually entitled to any benefits for the last year, and promptly began bombarding me with letters demanding thousands of pounds.

I actually was entitled to the money, but they don't care about that, they know I can't take time off work to fight them and that the stress of it all would ensure that I just give in and pay them.

They are wrong.

I will be fighting them. I have told them on the telephone that should they want the money they 'claim' I owe, then we will have to discuss it before a judge, because I'm paying nothing until they prove I actually owe something. I'll more than likely lose this battle because as they say in America, 'You can't fight City Hall'. But whether I lose or not, the fight is worth it. Somewhere someone has to make a definitive stand at some point so it might as well be me. The courts are making quite a few common sense decision these days, so I think my chances of coming out of this battle relatively unscathed are quite high actually. I hope my work will be understanding should I need to take a little time off to go to court and fight for my rights.

Well, the last two years have been extremely hard, as you know from reading previous posts here. Health-wise, I've been a disaster. But... I'm doing okay. Still haven't been officially diagnosed with the four things that I know are wrong but at least the doctors have me on the right medications whether they refuse to diagnose me or not. I have been officially diagnosed with two things though. But these two things make no sense and no medications have been given to me for them.

1. They are trying to convince me that I have anxiety. I know I don't and everyone who knows me personally laughs when I tell them that anxiety is the diagnosis the doctor is trying to force me to accept.

2. The second diagnosis makes even less sense. I went for an MRI scan for my back because it doesn't twist or bend properly in the lumbar region, and also my shoulder blades are numb (caused by a fall from a height, landing on my shoulder two years ago and trapping a nerve). The MRI scan showed 'wear and tear' in my lower back (which was expected), and I am to have physio and pain management for it. However, the shoulder blade numbness... well, let me show you the conversation I had with a specialist in July regarding my back;

Him: We have good news. Your lower back is just showing some wear and tear. Nothing serious to worry about.
Me: I can't twist or bend my back doc, how is that nothing to worry about?
Doc: We'll send you for some physio, you'll be fine.
Me: What about my shoulder blades? Can you stop them being numb?
Him: Your shoulder blades are numb because of your feelings. Sort out your feelings and your back will be fine.
Me: Doc, my shoulder blades are numb because I keeled off a table and landed on my shoulder, cracking my clavicle and trapping a nerve and it needs fixing.
Doc: You'll be fine.
Me: It's been like this for two years, doc, it's not fine.
Doc:Your shoulder blades are reflecting how you feel.
Me: I don't feel numb doc, just my shoulder blades do. My feelings are perfectly fine.
Doc: Anyway, we'll send you for some physio for your lower back. In the meantime, take some paracetamol if you are in pain.
Me: Paracetamol? Doc, tramadol hardly touches the pain, what good is paracetamol going to do?
Doc: Try giving up smoking, losing weight and getting a healthier diet. Oh, and go swimming.
Me: What have those got to do with my back? Tell you what doc, never mind...

I have now been discharged as a patient. Still got numb shoulder blades and still can't twist or bend my lower back, but hey ho, if i stop smoking, lose weight, go swimming and eat healthily, my back will miraculously heal itself. Hmmm...

I'll leave things there as this post is getting long now (again). I just want to say one last thing... thank you all for the support you all gave me when I was at my lowest. It was a major help in getting me back on my feet and back out into the world. THANK YOU ALL!! 

Hopefully I'll be back again soon. Until then... take care and check out my books. They are over there in the side bar --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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  1. Great to hear things are going better for you, and wow a car!!!